Saturday, August 6, 2011

And just like that we have an 8 month old!

What have we been up to you ask? Well let me tell you! (This might take a while)

Well first off we celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a San Francisco Bay cruise (very fancy);

Chloe started using a sippy cup (and shows off);

The kiddos took over our bed;

We rode on a carousel (Charlie was not impressed, neither was Chloe, maybe next time);

We explored bugs;

We swung (Chloe's first time!);

We played with bubbles (a lot!);

We swam (at a friend's birthday party);

We got school pictures done;

We explored the Exploratorium;

We visited with Uncle Alex;

We went to the county fair and watched rides, belly dancers (Chloe danced with them), and saw a train exhibit (Charlie never wanted to leave!);

We went to another friend's birthday party and socialized, swang, saw butterflies, and learned how to play fetch with a dog;

We swam in our own kiddie pool;

We celebrated the 4th of July with bubbles (of course!) and a fireworks show at the Embarcadero;

Chloe got much better with solid food;

We went to yet another friend's birthday party!

We had fun at hotels;

We went to a wedding;

We stayed up past our bedtimes;

We explored Balboa Park with Auntie Rachel;

We went to Legoland (and Charlie LOVED the rides! He's so tall that he can ride almost all of them!);

We went to Comic Con with Grammy (we tried costumes but the kids didn't keep them on for long, oh well, at least we got pictures!);

We saw Deloreans (Time traveling ones to be exact);

We got tuckered out;

We saw Rufio (or our old co-worker Ramon if you want to be technical);

We caught aliens lounging;

And got really really big bags!

Chloe learned how to love the camera;

And she practiced her Yoga;

And we went to a garlic festival in Gilroy!

We tried garlic ice cream, and liked it!

Charlie didn't like it as much as we did;

But he still had a lot of fun;

Because they had bubbles (garlic scented ones!);

We hung out in the shade;

And had some lunch;

And got sleepy;

And goofy;

And explored the grass;

So as you can tell, we've been busy!! Chloe is a big baby girl babbling and eating solids like a champ and trying to stand up every chance she can get! She's almost ready to start crawling but all she does is get on all fours, then rock back and forth, and then face plant and get angry. Keep practicing Chloe!! She'd much rather grab onto the nearest thing and try to pull herself up! Will she crawl or stand first? Time will tell!

Charlie is also growing by leaps and bounds! His talking has exploded! He's now saying sentences like "Go get Chloe!" "Bye bye! See you later" "Big bubble!" and "Where are you?" and he surprises us with new words and phrases everyday! He even has his own Charlie-Speak like how he calls the bunny "Bubby" and his favorite show "Dinosaur Train" is now "DaDa Tee!" and he loves to sing the theme song. He's also gained a fondness for the adorable show "Peep and the Big Wide World" which he calls "Peep Peep" Charlie's also gotten very good at sharing his toys with Chloe and giving her hugs and kisses. He's also doing really well with potty training too! He's still in a diaper at nap time and at night and also when we go out for a long time because public potties are still intimidating (I don't blame him, I hate public bathrooms too!). He's growing by leaps and bounds and who knows what he'll be doing tomorrow! Probably driving and shaving :)

Hope you enjoy all the pictures! Until next time!